I’m all ears!

I’m currently working on a set of ears for my upcoming Miss Piggy cosplay. I played around with foam, fabric and latex and didn’t like any of the results, so back to crochet it is!


If there’s any interest, I may publish the pattern for the ears and nose as I am writing everything down as I go along.
I never did take detail pictures of the Loki horns and sceptre that I crocheted last year, have to remember doing that at some point.


The Mighty Thor

Finished another amigurumi! This time it’s the mighty Thor. :D

My mom asked me to make her a Thor doll to cuddle, so I did.

I am now officially settled in London, UK. The move went well, still waiting for a few boxes to come from Canada (especially the ones that have my yarn in them) but I’m already feeling quite at home here. Having lots of fun, meeting new awesome people and enjoying the city tremendously.

Hope you’re having as great a time as I am!

Love and chocolate for all!

Hey Dolly!

I’ve been working on another new pattern lately. This time it’s for an amigurumi style dress-up doll. I’ve completed a few dolls and am somewhat happy with the pattern, though I will probably change the limbs and body before I finalize the patterns since I’d like the doll to be able to stand up on their own, which they can’t really do yet. So there’s still work to be done. However, I’ve finished five base dolls and have clothed three of them so far. I will finish the other two before re-working the body and limb patterns into something I might be more happy with.

So far I’ve made dolls for the two boys I used to nanny (twins, four years old now) and for a friend’s friend who is struggling with some medical issues right now.



I have two more base dolls ready to go, just need to decide what to do with them. I have a few ideas. :D

Switch to USD

I just finalized the switch to USD in all my online shops, this includes Craftsy, Ravelry and Etsy!

This is to streamline all three stores and in preparation for my move to London, England in March. The currency change will hopefully make things easier for everyone and I’m hoping to add a few more patterns to my store in the coming months.

But first I will keep working on my next amigurumi tutorial video, which is long overdue! Sorry it’s taking so long, my life has taken a delightful turn for the crazy.

Love and chocolate to all of you,


Free Friday – Crochet Pattern

Hello my sweeties! Here I am again with another Friday pattern feature. These patterns are not created by me, but by other very skilled and creative crochet artists who offer some of their hard work for free use!

Today I selected an adorable little lucky charm, Onni the Beckoning Cat:


This cute Maneki Neko is really quick and easy to make and would make a great gift for any store owner, whether it’s a physical store, online store or craft market stall!

Keep on hooking!