New project!


So, I just started a new project. It all started with just picking the right colours and ordering the yarn.
And then it descended all into chaos!


This is what it looks like when I work on a new pattern!

Deadpool Nails!


In preparation for Valentines day, I made a simple Deadpool design for my shiny nails! Simple and effective.

Dragon Scale Mittens

Over the weekend I finally finished my dragon scale cloak! Pictures will follow eventually, it’s a huge beast and hard to photograph.
However, I also finished these beauties:


I used the same yarn that I used for the cloak (Bernat Mosaic in Envy, unfortunately discontinued) and may release patterns for both eventually. Definitely planning to, but that cloak is such a huge project!

Getting back to creating crochet items feels really good though. I hope to make more time for it next year!

Crochet Pattern Review

The wonderful Crochetbug featured my Viking Hat pattern on her blog, you can read the start of it here and follow all the way to the finished hats here, with several blog entries in between.

Thanks for the lovely feature, I love seeing the finished products people create with my patterns! :)

Fiery Flames


This time I decided on a simple flame design. I started with a sparkly black base and layered dark reds, orange and yellow in small strokes to create the flame effect.
I also painted the same design on my toes!

Jayne at NineWorlds

So, I finally got to take Vera out for a cosplay appearance when I went to NineWorlds GeekFest recently. By the way, if you have any way of making it happen, GO TO NINEWORLDS NEXT YEAR! Best convention ever, this was my second year attending and it was brilliant.

But, this post is about Vera/Jayne, so here we go.


Vera was very well received and I got a lot of compliments for her crochet goodness. Unfortunately I was too busy having way too much fun to take any decent pictures at the convention, but here are a few others have taken:

That's me in the foyer, showing off my Vera. Photo by Mike Brooks

That’s me in the foyer, showing off my Vera.
Photo by Mike Brooks

Photo by @Entorien

Photo by @Entorien

That's Mark M. very happy to be holding a cuddly Vera

That’s Mark M. very happy to be holding a cuddly Vera

If you happen to have any photos of yourself or me holding Vera, do send them my way so I can add them here!

Shiny Nails


Felt like some shiny nail colours today, so I went with a rainbow of metallics with a very simple design on them.

Colour Tiles


Trying out some bright tiled designs as the summer is quite cool and dreary so far.



I got these Jamberry nail wraps as a gift and had to try them out immediately. They are gorgeous, but unfortunately they started peeling after three days. The longes that stickers or wraps have lasted for me, but still a disappointment.

Bright Lines


This time I switched the design up by using a dark base colour with colourful stripes on top. I’m very happy with how this turned out.