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Hello my lovelies! It is Wednesday again, so I am introducing you to another fantastic handcrafter with an enchanting online store:


This artist, based in Israel, creates whimsical fairy houses, magical dragons and enchanting little animal figurines. Her work is so delicate and unique, I can’t get enough of looking at her amazing creations!

So, check out her awesome store: Vishnya

And remember, support local, handmade artwork!

Buy Handmade

Another Wednesday, another artist feature! In my Buy Handmade series I introduce you to amazing artists who sell their handiwork online. Today’s feature is very very shiny:


This artist is based in Germany and creates magical little figurines with glass! Dragons, butterflies, birds, even elephants! Colorful and sparkly, they are just way too adorable.

So go and check out her amazing online store: CaraMagicGlass

And remember, support local, handmade artwork!

The Dragons Are Flying!

That’s right, I have just published my dragon scarf pattern for sale! :la:
You can find it on ravelry and Etsy. I’m very excited to finally get this released, it’s been so many months of work, revising, testing, revising and so on. 😀 😀

Give-Away Winner

The winner of my viking hat give-away has been picked! Congratulations to Emily G. from California! Her hat will be made next week after I finish the desert dragon I am working on at the moment.

I am also getting ready to publish my dragon scarf pattern. It will be released in the next few days.

And last but not least, there are more dragons available in my shop!

More dragons unleashed!

I have released two more dragons to the Etsy Store! Working on a few more to build a decent stock, then it will be on to making a bunch of viking hats and hopefully working out child size patterns for it as well!

purple dragon scarf brown dragon scarf

A new dragon is born…

And here’s the most recent of my babies! I just added him to my Etsy store.

Unfortunately black doesn’t photograph very well, so the details aren’t as visible as they are in real life. I just took him out of the wash and steamed his wings and paws and he’s soooooo soft! He also has glow in the dark eyes! 😀

black dragon

The dragons are flying!

Alright, I just posted my pattern for testing on ravelry and am hoping that it will be ready for release in February. Until then, I have added the three dragons I made to proof the pattern to my etsy store! So if you’ve been ogling them for a while, now you have a chance to own them. 😀  Etsy Store

Three Scarves

More Dragons!

Yes, I have finished another dragon and he’s a real beauty! I am very happy with how he turned out.

I am also in the process of adding the large green dragon to my etsy store. I have decided that I am not keeping it but rather making a different one for myself since I had a few requests on the green one. So, check out my store for a chance to grab it!

More jelly, less eyes!

The eyes I ordered have still not arrived. 🙁 So no chance of working on the dragon pattern for now. However, I am distracting myself with other endeavors. I have finished writing AND testing the jelly fish hat pattern! I’ve taken plenty of photos that I will have to process in the next few days to finish up the pattern.

I have also started writing out the sunflower hat pattern (translating my shorthand scribbles into a readable pattern) and will start working through and testing it in the next two weeks or so! It will feature a sunflower (pointy petals) and a gerbera-like (rounded petals) pattern, so there’s two options to work with. Of course any color/texture yarn can be used, so the customization options are endless.

But for now I need to get to bed and tomorrow I get to wear the costume I made for this year’s halloween!