The dragons are flying!

Alright, I just posted my pattern for testing on ravelry and am hoping that it will be ready for release in February. Until then, I have added the three dragons I made to proof the pattern to my etsy store! So if you’ve been ogling them for a while, now you have a chance to own them. 😀  Etsy Store

Three Scarves

More Dragons!

Yes, I have finished another dragon and he’s a real beauty! I am very happy with how he turned out.

I am also in the process of adding the large green dragon to my etsy store. I have decided that I am not keeping it but rather making a different one for myself since I had a few requests on the green one. So, check out my store for a chance to grab it!

My Eyes! My Eyes!

My eyes finally arrived! I can work on my dragon scarf pattern again!

Purple Pattern

And she is done! The purple dragon, worked with the new, yarn saving pattern! She used up exactly two balls of Bernat Super Value yarn. I have to see if I can save a little bit more yarn just to make sure no one runs out of yarn when trying the pattern.

I’d love to have a few more facial decorations on the next dragon, we’ll see if I can save enough yarn to do that! Maybe the chin patch will be smaller… or the forehead patch will be gone and replaced with horns or something… we shall see!

Anyway, here she is!


And then there was this blue dragon that I never posted because it was for a birthday which happened yesterday. 😀

So, here it is now, this was the second dragon I made, before the red and green ones I already posted.

Getting closer

Pretty much all features of the dragon scarf are done, except for the wings. He’s got a fully decorated face and all, though I am planning to add some beard and neck scruff. The green wing structure is done as well, just the panels in between are still missing.

And they are proving to be more difficult than I remember them. I’ve started over four times already and just can’t get it to look right. I remember them being quite easy to do for the previous scarves, but of course, when you want to write down an actual pattern, things just don’t go as smooth as they should. Ah well, we’ll get there eventually!


Working my way through the dragon scarf to create the pattern. Yesterday I started on the facial features and along the way of taking photos and writing descriptions, this happened:


Two faced dragon! And now back to working on the wings. 😛


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