A new dragon is born…

And here’s the most recent of my babies! I just added him to my Etsy store.

Unfortunately black doesn’t photograph very well, so the details aren’t as visible as they are in real life. I just took him out of the wash and steamed his wings and paws and he’s soooooo soft! He also has glow in the dark eyes! 😀

black dragon

Getting serious…

Remember that t-shirt quilt I was working on months ago? Well, I finally started working on the backing for it! I have bought 16 different fabrics that all match the color scheme of the quilt top and am working on cutting them down into 748 little triangles which will then have to be sewn together.

quilt fabricsI am not sure why I decided to make it so difficult for myself, I could have picked a much easier, simpler pattern… but my hope is that this will look AWESOME together and will make all the work worth it. 😀

Back to cutting, 294 done, 454 more to go!