Cthulhu Dice Bag Pattern Available Now

I have finally finished my newest pattern and it’s now available on Etsy and on Ravelry. The pattern is fully written out and comes with over 60 full colour photos, so check it out!

I’m very happy I’ve finally finished another pattern, it’s been way too long. Let’s hope the next one won’t have as much of a long wait before it sees the light of day!

Hats and Scarves in the store!

I just finished putting all viking hats and dragon scarves that I still have into the store! I likely will not be making any more viking hats or dragon scarves in the future (except for finishing the red one I am still working on), so grab them while they’re still available!

hats and scarves

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Hello you little crochet fans! Today I have a special recommendation for all of you.

Little Owl’s Hut


These gorgeous and unique patterns are sure to brighten your day. If you are looking for a challenging project with an amazing outcome, check out this store’s great line-up of one patterns!

And remember, support local, handmade art!

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Hello my lovelies! Today I have a very special shop recommendation for you!



These whimsical pendants come in a variety of designs and shapes. I especially love the dragon eggs, such a cute idea! There are lots of different pendants to be discovered, so head on over and check them out.

And remember, support local, handmade art!

Ssssnakes and Vikings

Alright kids, I have been busy and can now present you with two new patterns!
Pattern number one the brand new snake scarf pattern!

[singlepic id=269 w=320 h=240 float=none] [singlepic id=270 w=320 h=240 float=none]

This one is a really easy beginner pattern and comes with plenty of photos. You can find it here: on Ravelry, on Craftsy, on Etsy;

The second pattern is a total rework of a previous one. I took my most popular pattern, the viking hat, and completely renewed it. The pattern is now easier and faster to work AND it comes in 9 sizes! From newborn to XL adult, you can now clothe your whole family in viking gear!

[singlepic id=272 w=320 h=240 float=none]

All customers who have previously bought the viking hat pattern will receive a complementary updated version. If you bought through Craftsy or Ravelry, you will have received an email already. If you bought through Etsy however, you will get the new pattern in an email within the next few days. Unfortunately Etsy does not offer auto-updates like Ravelry and Craftsy do, which means I have to manually go through all orders to find and email all previous customers.

If you have not bought the viking hat pattern yet, you can do so here: on Ravelry, on Craftsy, on Etsy.

Have a great weekend all, I am now off to dig through hundreds of emails…

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Ahoy! I have another great handmade store suggestion for you today.



These cute crochet creations are very charming. Whether it’s hats, hair clips or accessories, this store has a great selection! So go check it out.

And remember, support local, handmade art!

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Hello my kittens! Another Wednesday, another awesome handmade shop to introduce!


These amazing journals are lovingly handmade, with hand painted covers and whimsical little details. Many different styles and look are available, from cute through surreal to steampunk, these leather journals are delightfully beautiful and unique!

So go and check out this amazing shop: Kreativlink

And remember, support local, handmade art!

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It’s time for my Wednesday shop feature again! Today I am introducing more sparkly goodness into your life:

A Myriad Vice

Gorgeous wire wrapped pendants in many styles are available here, all hand made and unique. These artists are available for custom orders as well!

So go check out their shop: A Myriad Vice

And remember, support local, handmade art!

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Is it Wednesday already? Yes, yes it most definitely is! So, here we are with another handmade art feature! Today we’re getting dressed up:


This American artist creates amazingly detailed leather masks. Steampunk, surreal, mythical, she has a wide range with a very distinct style.

So go and check out her amazingly delightful masks: Merimask

And remember, support local, handmade artwork!

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It is Wednesday, which means I bring you another great artist with fantastic works for sell:


From Victorian through industrial to modern, this artist creates amazing jewelry pieces from sterling silver and select gemstones.

So go and have a look at these gorgeous creations: Imnium

And remember, support local, handmade artwork!