Free Friday – Crochet Pattern

Hello my lovelies! And welcome to another Friday pattern feature. These patterns are not created by me, but by other very skilled and creative crochet artists who offer some of their hard work for free use!

How about some calorie free cookies for today:

These delicious looking cookies are a very easy and simple crochet projects, suitable for beginners as well as seasoned crocheters. Make them in different shades of brown for a variety of different cookie flavors!

Keep on hooking!

Getting Tedious…

So, I have been working on an Afghan… it started as a silly idea to use up leftover yarns but then I realized that I am too picky to just work any color into it and went and bought more yarns of the colors that I thought worked really well together.
I’ve tried a different start afghan pattern before but ended up frogging the whole thing because it started buckling way too much for my liking. The second pattern I’m working with now, with some personal changes of course, is working much better and the result is laying quite flat so far.

The pattern was only for a five star blanket, but I added in one increase in points already and will add at least one more to avoid having too much of a difference between points and valleys.
But for the weekend I will go back to working on my dragon pattern. I might actually finish it this weekend and be able to start the testing phase soon! Here’s hoping. 😀