Happy Easter

I know it’s not quite Easter yet, but I thought I’d share some of the items I made for a recent Easter themed swap over on Ravelry! I crocheted a few things to add some Easter flair:

First off, I made a few colorful Easter eggs:

easter eggs

These guys are really easy and quick to make, I made up the pattern on the fly and I’m sharing it here with you. It’s more of a simple guideline than an actual pattern, but here we go:

Grab your yarn (scrap works great for this as you don’t need a lot of yarn) and a hook that works well with it. I usually use one or two sizes smaller than the recommended hook to get a nice, tight stitch pattern. If you use worsted weight yarn (like I did), I’d suggest using a G/4mm hook.

1: make 4sc in ring (or chain two and place 4sc in second ch from hook)
2: 2sc in each sc around (8sts)
3: 1sc in first sc, 2sc in next sc, repeat around (12sts)
4: 1sc in each of the first two sc, 2sc in next sc, repeat around (16sts)
5: 1sc in each of the first three sc, 2sc in next sc, repeat around (20sts)
6-11: 1sc in each sc around (20sts)
12: sc2tog, 1sc in next three sc, repeat around (16sts)
13: sc2tog, 1sc in next two sc, repeat around (12sts)
Now stuff tightly with polyfil or similar stuffing material, then work sc2tog until you only have five or six sts left to work with, bind off, leave a bit of a tail and use it to fully close the hole.

Tadaaaaa, you are done! If you want to incorporate different colors, just do color changes for stripes or patterns or do the first half in one color and the second half in another. Get creative and make them your own!

Additionally to the colorful eggs, I also made bunny egg cozies to keep them warm!

easter egg cozy
You can find the pattern for these cuties on ravelry.

I also made animal friendly lucky rabbit’s paws! This is another easy pattern I found on ravelry, though I slightly changed the pattern to work better with worsted weight yarn.

rabbit's foot

I hope you enjoy these Eastery goodies!