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It is Wednesday, which means I bring you another great artist with fantastic works for sell:


From Victorian through industrial to modern, this artist creates amazing jewelry pieces from sterling silver and select gemstones.

So go and have a look at these gorgeous creations: Imnium

And remember, support local, handmade artwork!

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Hello my lovelies! It is Wednesday again, so I am introducing you to another fantastic handcrafter with an enchanting online store:


This artist, based in Israel, creates whimsical fairy houses, magical dragons and enchanting little animal figurines. Her work is so delicate and unique, I can’t get enough of looking at her amazing creations!

So, check out her awesome store: Vishnya

And remember, support local, handmade artwork!

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Another Wednesday, another artist feature! In my Buy Handmade series I introduce you to amazing artists who sell their handiwork online. Today’s feature is very very shiny:


This artist is based in Germany and creates magical little figurines with glass! Dragons, butterflies, birds, even elephants! Colorful and sparkly, they are just way too adorable.

So go and check out her amazing online store: CaraMagicGlass

And remember, support local, handmade artwork!

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Alright my kittens! I am starting a new feature series. Every Wednesday I will introduce you to one of my favorite online shops to buy unique and gorgeous handmade items. And today we are starting with:


This talented artist creates gorgeous, one of a kind jewelry pieces, handcrafted from high quality materials. I own a few pendants made by him and wear them all the time! You can also contact him for custom work

Check out his amazing work! -> KubusRubus

And remember, support local, handmade artwork!

More dragons unleashed!

I have released two more dragons to the Etsy Store! Working on a few more to build a decent stock, then it will be on to making a bunch of viking hats and hopefully working out child size patterns for it as well!

purple dragon scarf brown dragon scarf