Switch to USD

I just finalized the switch to USD in all my online shops, this includes Craftsy, Ravelry and Etsy!

This is to streamline all three stores and in preparation for my move to London, England in March. The currency change will hopefully make things easier for everyone and I’m hoping to add a few more patterns to my store in the coming months.

But first I will keep working on my next amigurumi tutorial video, which is long overdue! Sorry it’s taking so long, my life has taken a delightful turn for the crazy.

Love and chocolate to all of you,


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Hey there my friends! Here is another shop suggestion coming your way.



Purses, aprons, hot pads, lots of adorable creations made from geeky fabrics. So if you, like me, love Dr. Who, Firefly and the like, head on over and check out this amazing store!

And remember, support local, handmade art!

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Hello my kittens! I have another gorgeous shop suggestion for you.



These hand painted shoes will definitely steal the show where ever you go! I’d love to own a pair of these, so amazing! So go and check them out.

And remember, support local, handmade art!

Buy Handmade

Hello my darlings! I have another great shop suggestion for you today!

Utopia Armoury


Gorgeous chain mail work, whether it’s jewelry or garments, these works are outstanding and beautiful. Have a look at their store with a vast selection of amazing items.

And remember, support local, handmade art!