Wings are done! Well, one wing is, anyway. Just have to finish the second one and then make some more small details (a beard and some neck scruff) and then it’s all done!

However, I have used two balls of solid and two balls of variegated yarn for it and am not happy with that. I’d like to get the pattern down to one each. So, looks like I will have to start over with a second, smaller pattern. The head did start off a little on the large side and I guess everything else just fell into place after that. So, my next try will start with a similar head, but smaller, and the body and features adjusted for size. Let’s hope I can get this sucker down to two or three balls of yarn, instead of four. (these are the larger bernat super value yarns I am using)

Should be able to finish this dragon within a week and then I’m starting the next, smaller one.

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