Free Friday – Crochet Pattern

Greetings, kittens! Here I am again with another Friday pattern feature. These patterns are not created by me, but by other very skilled and creative crochet artists who offer some of their hard work for free use!

Alright, let me geek out here for a second… does anyone here remember the epicness that was…

DAY OF THE TENTACLE! Oh my gosh, I LOVED this game! SO MUCH! IT WAS SO AWESOME! Man, they just don’t make games like that anymore, huh? Alright, now that I’m done with that, go head over there and have a look at that awesome amigurumi pattern! And make one! Or two… or A HUNDRED AND SCATTER THEM AROUND TOWN! *runs around arms flailing wildly* WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

Keep on hooking!

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