I am currently waiting for a shipment of safety eyes so I can finish my work on the dragon scarf pattern. I have the yarn and the basic pattern all ready to go, but without the eyes I can not woooork. I ordered them on Tuesday and apparently they have been shipped on Thursday, I hope they get here soon so I can get going on the brown dragon and the green dragon I am planning to do.

The brown dragon will be a run-through of the pattern to see how it works out. I have made the legs and wings so far, since those can be done before the eyes are inserted. After the brown one is done and the pattern thus vetted, I will take lots of pictures of the process of creating the green dragon scarf so I can use the photos in the pattern to make it easier to follow and understand.

I’m very excited at how this pattern making process is working out, I just hope the eyes get here soooooon!

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