T-Shirt quilt!

Yes, I have been working on a t-shirt quilt! Well, actually it will be a duvet cover, but same difference except for the batting part. 😉

I had a whole stack of old shirts that I never wore anymore but had too much sentimental attachment to to throw out, so I took all 17 of them, cut them apart (used front and back of some of them, just front design for others, so I ended up with 25 pieces), reinforced the shirt part with non-stretch iron-on interfacing and created borders to tie the whole thing together into an awesome design.

Many hours of sewing went into this and so far I only have the top piece done (the one with the shirts), I will still have to sew this to a backing (will most likely use a queen size flat sheet), create a top piece for the back of the duvet cover (it will be reversible, I already have a design mocked up), sew that to a backing and then put the whole thing together to make the duvet cover!

I am quite excited about the result, though it’s hard to take a decent photo since the thing is so huge. The duvet cover will be a queen/king size, so yeah, quite a large piece to work on. But despite the photo difficulties, I am really proud of this work and very excited to get started on the piece for the other side of the duvet. It shall be glorious!

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